Bad Bosses

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Good bosses, those that listen, care, are confident and competent and are willing to empower people to reach their full potential, get the best results. But according to this recent Forbes article, a bad boss may actually make employees strive.

Could this thought have merit? Absolutely. Sometimes, a bad role model can be really good. An observant employee can see the effects of bad leadership – how it is affecting the workplace culture, morale, performance, and more – and can thereby learn all of the things not to do.

Bad bosses can inadvertently create good leaders down the road if their employees stay alert and learn from their experiences. It tends to be the individuals with a bit of a rebellious streak who benefit from working under a bad boss and who emerge as leaders. Such employees decide they have something to prove and will want to work to overcome their situation or to be better than the example set by their bad boss.

Employees that thrive after working under a bad boss use their negative experience to their advantage and look for valuable lessons that will make their career stronger.

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