Motivation Axioms:

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When it comes to successfully liberating motivation in others there are some axioms that are useful to keep in mind. 

I have identified some basic ones that make a powerful difference.

  • People feel motivated when they believe that what they do makes a difference.
  • People are motivated to do their best when they feel appreciated, valued and respected.
  • People act in their best interests as they understand them, so help them expand their perspective.
  • Motivation flows when people feel they are part of something greater.
  • People are motivated about helping other people and knowing they have made a difference.
  • People are motivated when they feel needed and are asked to help.
  • People are motivated at the prospect of developing personal mastery, feeling challenged and having the chance to grow.
  • People are motivated by love most of all — serving that which they most care about.
  • Motivation is emotional — it comes from the heart.

To liberate motivation in others we must be able to touch their hearts.

Keeping the axioms above in mind you will find powerful antidotes to any and all barriers to liberating motivation and maximizing engagement.

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