The Heart of Leadership:
12 Practices of Courageous Leaders


In Robert Staub’s The Heart of Leadership: 12 Practices of Courageous Leaders, he lays out an articulate inquiry into, and explanation of, critically essential aspects of effective business leadership including competency, intimacy, integrity and passion. Articulate, educative, ardent and inspiring, Staub offers a thoroughly “reader friendly” and practical presentation that is very highly recommended for anyone charged with an entrepreneurial or business management responsibility, from the smallest company to the largest international corporation. Leading requires that we offer strategic guidance by understanding and communicating the purpose for which the team or company stands. It also requires the courage to respectfully confront anyone, including ourselves, when actions do not alight with that purpose. Leaders can transform companies by focusing on the critical linkages of results and relationships; and a focus on wholehearted leadership can transform a good company into a great one.

  • Learn how to create meaningful relationships in and outside the workplace.
  • Achieve substantial results.
  • Don’t sacrifice your personal life, health and family

The Heart of Leadership: 12 Practices of Courageous Leaders
Paperback – Jan. 10, 2007
List Price: $15.95

The Seven Acts of Courage:
Bold Leadership for a Wholehearted Life


This self-help book deals once again with the emptiness in people’s lives, even if their careers are flourishing. In this book, Robert E. Staub, II, a marital and family therapist, as well as author of The Heart of Leadership, discusses seven specific acts of courage that can lead to a happier life. They are the courage to dream and put forth that dream, to see current reality, to confront, to be confronted, to learn and grow, to be vulnerable and the courage to act. The courage is not to be found in one great heroic act, but in taking action every day based on what you believe is right, facing reality with conviction and learning when to persist in the fact of doubts, fears and when to take a new approach.

  • Two themes are wholehearted leadership, the critical balancing act of delivering results, while developing desired relationships and practicing the courage to become wholehearted leaders.

The 7 Acts of Courage: Bold Leadership for a Wholehearted Life
Paperback – Sept. 15, 2002
List Price: $14.95

Dynamic Focus:
Creating Significance and Breaking the Spells of Limitation


Recently published, Dynamic Focus is about creating a meaningful legacy while effectively navigating the inherent multifaceted challenges of life. Mental habits can become subtle traps that distort perceptions, thoughts and relationships into limitations. Co-written by Dusty Staub and Wayne Gerber of Sungate Advisors, Dynamic Focus provides a practical, powerful and integrated methodology with tools for breaking these traps or “spells of limitation” and living a more meaningful life.

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