This powerful change process quickly and accurately identifies critical strengths and performance gaps within an organization and provides a potent source of input for the facilitated strategic planning session that follows.

Core Benefits:

  1. Improves organizational performance through more powerful alignment of leadership focus, supervisory practices, teamwork/collaboration at all levels
  2. Creates common leadership focus, language and core behaviors
  3. Generates higher levels of employee engagement

What Does It Do:

  • Provides an unbiased, objective, confidential and focused assessment
  • Provides a “snapshot in time” of the current operational reality and utilization of human resources in terms of leadership behaviors, level of teamwork and organizational learning
  • Increases employee engagement levels through consistent understanding, common points of agreement on leadership practices and human systems planning
  • Demonstrates key strengths while also highlighting key leverage points to address performance gaps and significant opportunities for improvement
  • Leads to a facilitated strategic planning retreat with key leaders in a results-oriented interactive process of discovery, leadership dialogue and alignment of planning and key next steps to maximize organizational human systems performance
  • Creates mutually agreed-upon leadership methodology, team performance practices, leadership language and skill sets to provide higher levels of employee engagement, innovation and efficiency
  • Generates clearly defined performance expectations, leadership practices, collaboration processes and process steps to generate better organizational outcomes and bottom-line results

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