What can managers do to improve their employees’ experience?

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Want to prevent employee turnover and create a company culture that attracts high level talent? All of the research on employee engagement shows that the direct supervisor has the biggest impact on whether an employee feels satisfied, engaged and valued. Below are some tips for employers and managers to keep in mind:

Solicit opinions: By showing that you, as a manager, are interested in the thoughts, ideas and opinions of your employees you are showing your employees that they themselves are valued. Taking the time to brainstorm with employees helps you improve and develop your company, and also gives employees a sense of ownership in the company.

Don’t focus on the money: While many individuals assume that high salaries lead to employee satisfaction, money is actually an extrinsic motivator. After a certain point, money isn’t as powerful of a motivator as some people may think. Instead of taking the time to show employees value and respect, a lot of companies look to money as the solution, but all too often, money isn’t enough to keep employees. Eventually, even after a raise, employees don’t think it is worth the money to be treated badly or continue a career they don’t enjoy.

Provide learning opportunities: Professional development has been shown to increase employee satisfaction and retention as employees feel valued when they feel that you are investing in their career. By helping your employees develop professionally, you are showing you care and opening up more potential opportunities.

Dong all of these things – listening, being respectful, showing appreciation, and investing in employees’ lives – make employees feel valued, and you are going to have higher levels of employee engagement. And companies with higher levels of employee engagement have consistently shown to be more resilient during difficult times and more profitable overall.

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