The Power of Attention

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“We alter every object in the world simply by paying attention to it.” – Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, Quantum Physicist

Modern science whether it be sociology, psycho-neurology, behaviorism, cognitive psychology, psycho-neuro-immunology or quantum physics all describe the power of the “observer effect.”  This is the observation of the phenomena that we impact and change things whenever we look at anything, when we measure something or when we are simply observing and paying attention.  This powerful insight can be used by the discerning individual.  When you as a leader realize the power you have to make a difference by “how” you pay attention to a process, a person or a group, you can more gracefully and effectively influence others and lead change initiatives.

What are you paying attention to in your work and life?  Where do you focus your attention? How are you focusing your observations and how do you engage to help others “see” what you are seeing and to understand what they see?  Knowing what to focus on, where to put your attention and how to observe are essential behaviors to develop if you wish to become more effective not only at work but in life overall.  A good way to focus attention is to ask the following questions: What is most important, vital and essential here that needs my attention?  What is the highest and best use of my time and what do I need to focus on in order to put more of my time and effort there?  What is the worst thing that could go wrong here and what attention have we put on that?  If I could only make three observations – attend to only three key things – what are the three things to which I need to bring my attention?

When you realize the power of your attention and act in accordance with that power, you find your efficacy and influence blossoming into significance.

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