Spell Breaking 101 – Creating Your Life As If It Really Mattered

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Last blog we looked at the “spells” (set cognitive patterns the define “reality”) that limit what we can perceive, know and thus do in our lives.  Creating your life as if it really mattered is the essence of spell breaking because you take control of your mind instead of your mind controlling you.

What does it take to break a cognitive pattern that has been narrowing your perspective and leading to “false choice” in your life?  The first step is to step back and realize that there are fundamentally two different frameworks under which we all operate.  The first framework is that of the Transactional way of thinking and working.  This is the realm of give and take, of tit for tat, of contracts and of getting things done in the world of commerce and business.  It is where the “rubber hits the road” in terms of getting work done.  It is extremely powerful and yet it is also a very limited perspective.  It is powerful because it is akin to a laser beam of coherent focus that is able to cut through obstacles due to its high degree of intense perspective.  Yet, because of the extreme focus, it only allows a very narrow spectrum of awareness and blocks out other states of awareness and perception.  The 2nd framework is that of Transformation – it is the realm of vast openness and unlimited possibility.  It is spacious and allows for the power of imagination to play freely, opening us up to seeing a wide array of choices and also the integration of apparent contradictory viewpoints.  It is the state of high inclusivity, openness and freedom.

If the first step is recognizing the two fundamentally different frameworks within which we all can operate, the world of transaction and measurements and/or the world of transformation and possibility.  The 2nd step then is to step back and cultivate what I call the “Third Perspective”  – that is, to identity which framework or state of consciousness within which you are operating in the moment.  By stepping back, seeing which framework is operating, you have created a perspective of being able to hold both states of consciousness in your awareness, this allows you to see which cognitive patterns have been dominating your attention.  You can “see” the “spells” that have been running your thoughts, feelings and actions.  Once you can see the patterned ways of thinking that have limited your attention and which have led to truncated and “false choices” you are ready for step number four.

The 4th step to breaking a spell under which you have been operating is to challenge from the larger perspective of seeing both the realm of measurement (transactions) and the world of possibility (transformation) the cognitions that you have been running.  For example, you step back and see that the  choice you mind has set up, “I must do what I love or do what I have to do in order to support my family” is really from the larger perspective of transformation and possibility a “false choice.”  When you expand your perspective and step up and back you see that you can “bring what I love to what I do” finding ways to bring your joy, love and deeper sense of satisfaction into what you do.  You see that an integration of heart and head of imagination and practical necessity is possible from the larger realm where imagination and compassion hold sway.

Step five then is to make a new choice, to “choose again” but from the larger, more integrative perspective.  Realize that however you have been thinking and seeing things has been too small, too narrow and thus has led to some false assumptions and choices.  Choose again and this time do it from compassionate, more holistic and larger frame of reference.  Your imagination then becomes engaged and you begin to see a much wider array of choices and the ones that are more enlivening and liberating.

To summarize: Spell Breaking 101 means to: A) realize there are two fundamental different frameworks under which you can operate, B) step back into an integrative 3rd perspective, C) identify the particular spell (belief, assumption, choice, cognition) under which you have been laboring, D) Challenge that spell and realize it has “false choice” built into it, and E) Choose again – let imagination offer you a more compassionate, holistic and richer range of choices.

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