Riding Probability Waves

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There are four key things to keep in mind when it comes to living andleading through times of intense change.  The first is to shift your perspective and to see the changes and discontinuities as periods of great potential – as weaves of probability.  When you shift perspective, and begin to focus on the energy potential within the changes, you are positioning yourself to be able to remain balanced, poised and more able to seize the moment.

The second thing is what I have written about now for more than tweny years – you need to define a core life purpose for yourself.  This gives you a center from which to move and also around which all that you do can revolve.  As change occurs and the successive waves of high potential and discontinuity hit, you are able to stay centered, to know which end is up and which is down at all moments in time.  This provides a calm certainty amd inner resilience that is vital in dealing with the disruptions of waves of change.

The third thing that will serve you well is to cultivate a sense of curiosity – to learn to “be in the mystery” and give up the addiction to having to “be in the know” – that will keep your mind fresh and your heart young.  Be curious and ever willing to challenge your assumptions, beliefs and old ways of thinking.  Think, “What if there were a better way, a more effective way to looking and thinking about this?”

Fourth, develop within yourself mental flexibility.  Can you imagine things and see events and people from multiple perspectives?  Begin to play with ideas and to challenge any and all interpretations you as well as society is making about the way things actually work.  Be willing to play with ideas and perspectives and to use your curiosity in service to your core purpose to seize the energy inherent in every wave of change.  What helps greatly with this task is developing a sense of humor and a wonderful sense of the absurd.

Finally, develop a network of other purposeful, playful, open-minded and mentally flexible people to support you in your growth and growing mastery with regard to riding the waves of probability. Again, be willing to step into the mystery, to being in the numinous versus being addicted to being in the know.

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