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Are you a part of the 15 % of the workforce that is still unemployed? You might want to consider a non-paid internship.

If you see that your career is winding down, your organization is on the decline, feel that you don’t have job security, or find that you need to work into your 70s, a “returnship” could be a smart idea for you.

But where can you find these internships? Below are some places to look:

  • Healthcare – The healthcare realm will be a fairly secure job market moving forward, as it will be in high demand. We are going to have an aging population, and there is going to be more and more demand for services.
  • High Tech – If you have the mind for it, flexibility, and interest, high tech is going to continue to grow and be strong.
  • Financial – If you are good with numbers and counting, there is going to be more and more demand for accountants and financial advisors.

Typically a potential employer would look at a non-paid internship done later in your career in a negative light, but in today’s economy, the longer you go without a job, the harder it is to find a job. It can be a vicious cycle. Getting a non-paid internship can help you keep skills you have, help you develop new skills, and help you keep your edge.

When looking for one of these “returnships,” you need to be able to sell yourself by highlighting the set of skills you can bring to the company, and what value you will add. Do research on the organizations you are applying to, look at the social media, look at the websites and think about where you can add value to the organization. If you can show potential employers that you are mentally flexible, have fire in your belly, and you really want to work, you have a shot.

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