Mental Flexibility – Part 4 “Confidence”

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In the prior blogs we have looked at Core Orientation and Expanding Perspective as vital parts of becoming more mentally flexible and thus change enabled.  This blog focuses on the 3rd key element, “Confidence.”  Confidence is that quality of simply knowing, feeling that you “can do it.”  Based on past experiences and lessons learned, you have that special sense of “Yes, I can.”  What build that confidence is the first two elements explored in recent blogs, namely, that you know your core orientation in life and you have the ability to step back and up and see things from a larger perspective.

By having the context of knowing your purpose and being able to shift to a different frame of reference, you are better able to handle and to deal with and respond to challenges, discontinuities and the difficulties of change.  Confidence is a part of character that is not based on arrogance, rather it is the sober sense that while you may struggle, that you have the resources, the ability and the means to figure things out and to succeed.  This sense of inner calm, of confidence, makes you more mentally flexible since you are not “on your guard” or having to “prove yourself” – you can be more relaxed and at ease in dealing with people and responding to the challenges before you.  This means that you also can be more open to different perspectives and inputs that gives you a better set of answers and creative responses, paving the chances of achieving better outcomes.

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