Mental Flexibility Part 2: Core Orientation

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To ride the disruptive waves of change and rapid discontinuities of our times requires the interaction of four (4) key dynamics as outlined in the previous blog from last week. Here, I want to outline the first key dynamic, “Core Orientation.” To grok or be able to “ken” the power of this dynamic I would like to ask you to imagine a large ball such as a medicine ball or a beach ball. No matter how you push the ball or toss it around, the ball revolves around its center, remaining “true” to its core and able to bounce back, to respond to pressures without losing its integrity as a ball. So, too, Core Orientation within an individual serves as that fundamental center from which all responses and actions can radiate outward into the world without the individual “losing” herself or himself in all of the disruptions, challenges and changes.

Core Orientation serves as the unchanging sense of identity and meaning in life that helps an individual to be more mentally and emotionally resilient, able to bounce back from disruptions, changes as well as any set backs. This core sense of self in humans takes the form of core purpose, of personal mission, guiding principles and critical values. If these are lacking, then you lack a center and are more likely to be deformed or deflated by challenges and rapid changes, lacking the center to be able to “bounce” back quickly or easily.

What is your center? What is your Purpose in being on this earth? To what are you in service? Can you easily articulate in one short sentence why you are here, your sense of personal meaning on this earth? If you can not at this moment articulate simply, clearly and concisely your core purpose, then I challenge you to take the time to do so. After all, this is your one unique and precious life. How will you handle the continuing and accelerating changes and disruptions if you haven’t claimed your center? All else radiates out from it and without it, the next three dynamic forces will not suffice.

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