How social media could be hurting your organization:

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Social media is so big today, and it is even playing a role in recruiting and job searching. This can be such a big positive, but if you are not running a company with satisfied and engaged employees, social media can be a big negative.

Employees can discreetly look for new opportunities: Individuals who are social media literate are taking advantage of this new tool to search for new opportunities. In the past, if an employee was unhappy or disengaged, they would most likely feel trapped as they would have to put together a resume and send it out via mail. Now, unhappy employees can turn to LinkedIn.

Companies use LinkedIn as a new recruiting tool: Attracting new talent is just a click away for a lot of companies. With LinkedIn, recruiters can find individuals looking for a job who meet certain qualifications with a simple LinkedIn search. However, not all of the recruiting that is done is for professionals seeking new job opportunities. If your employees are highly skilled, have many connections, and are active on LinkedIn, they could be targets for competition recruiters. As an employer, make sure your employees feel valued and are satisfied, because they could have opportunities seeking them out.

Social media can hurt your recruiting efforts: If you don’t invest in the talent you have by keeping satisfied employees, word of your poor company culture can get out on social media. Disgruntled employees can take to social media and do some damage to your organization’s image. You can be sure that new potential employees will do their homework prior to accepting an offer, and if they find consistently negative comments from former employees, you could find it hard to attract new talent.

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