Hiring Quality Employee Ambassadors

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Your employees are your ambassadors to the business world. They are the face of your company as they are the one with whom your clients and customers interact. What your employees do and say reflects not only who they are and what they represent, but what your company stands for. Hire wisely and your brand will be consistently represented in a positive way, hire poorly and you could have some major brand image issues. 

When hiring, look not only at the competency of the potential employee, but at what kind of first impression they will give to customers. While conducting interviews, make sure to assess not only their resume and qualifications, but also the following key characteristics:

  • People person: You can train skills, but what you can’t train someone to do is to like people. This is an important quality to look for, but especially for employees who will be dealing directly with customers. Customers want to be treated well, and a people person is more apt to do so.
  • Positive attitude: Have you ever been around someone who always has a smile on their face? If you have, you more likely couldn’t help smiling yourself. A positive attitude is contagious, and if it catches on, the positive attitude of one employee has the potential to boost company morale and the overall company culture.
  • Humility: Those who see themselves as the smartest person in the room generally don’t work well on a team or with customers. The last thing you want to happen is for employees to talk down to customers and/or come off rude. You want employees that can get the job done in a pleasant and humble manner.
  • Team player: If an employee can’t work as part of a team and put value into the considerations and needs of their co-workers, he is not likely to do so for your customers. A team that doesn’t work together well won’t serve together well.
  • Good work ethic: Arguably the most important characteristic in a new hire, a good work ethic is essential. It doesn’t matter if the potential new hire has good people skills, a great attitude, humility, and is a good team player if they aren’t willing to pull their own weight. Look for candidates who are proactive and who will take ownership of the company.

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