Dreaming A Better Dream

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OK, in past blogs I have written about the trance states that we so often get stuck in, about the power of forming personal Purpose and of the danger of letting our domesticated mind run our lives.  This one is for those who realize we are all caught up in a collective dream, “the nightmare we call history” as Don Miguel Ruiz puts it.

Are you ready to wake up and realize that it is all a dream?  Are you ready to dream a better dream for yourself, for your loved ones, for your tribe and community?  If you wish to do so, if you have the heart and intent to create a better dream then you must, in the words of Dan Symons, “Choose Again…. choose again …… choose again.”

The key to dreaming a better dream is to entertain the radical idea that you are the “author” of your life not just a character moving through it at the whim of the Universe or of a society that has lost its way.  You are the author of your life.  A radical idea but one true to the founding fathers and mothers of the United States and also one in keeping with every great Spiritual teacher and tradition.

The critical steps are three-fold: 1st – be aware that it is “your” dream and that you can change it once you step back from the collective trance of the societal dream in which you are immersed.  2nd – choose again, choose a better, more loving, more gracious and more GENEROUS way of interpreting and looking at the world.  In the indigenous peoples of America this is called “Seven Arrows” – the spirits of the world that reflect back to you a direct experience of your inner state of mind and heart.

Choose again, dear friends.  Choose again a better path and then choose again.  Keep choosing the best pathways forward in terms of those images and thoughts and feelings that open your heart and that bring you happiness and joy.  3rd – notice what you get as your “dream” the dream you are in and choose the more open, enlivening and generous interpretations and ways of being.  Dream a better dream.

All it takes is COURAGE – seven acts of courage – small daily acts.  For more information and specific exercises see Staub’s “7 Acts of Courage – Bold Leadership for a Wholehearted Life.”

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