Awakening From the Spells of Limitation

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Building on the last blog a few days ago, I want to continue to talk about how we awaken from the Spells of Limitation that govern all too much of what goes on in our world.  To get the gist of this, take a piece of paper on a large sheet of paper and draw a small circle in the center of the page.  That circle represents the Transactional realm of thinking, acting, reacting and inter-relating.  It is the realm that in our society we label, “Success” because if you are a good transactor you typically make money, are promoted and create status for yourself.  That is what we call “success” in the world of limitation.

Now, look at all of the space on the rest of the page.  In fact, look up and around and out and imagine all of the space around you that surrounds that small sphere of transactions on the page in front of you.  That much, much larger space, the vastness around that tiny sphere of “success” and the “world view” is the realm the dimension of TRANSFORMATION.  It is that vast space that offers the true possibility of WAKING UP from the collective social dream that is the beginning of breaking the SPELLs of LIMITATION.

That smaller transaction realm is the one within which most humans live, work, relate, react, think and die.  It is by nature, inherently limiting and limited.  If you are focused only on that level of reality then you may be a good transactor and even socially successful, but you are not fulfilled, free, functioning at your highest and best nor truly joyful.

When you step back and up into that larger, vaster perspective, you begin to gain an understanding that eludes most people; you begin to see with more compassionate eyes; you can trace the limitations of that smaller set of viewpoints and can see where you and others get “stuck” by pre-conditioned, limited, pre-set ways of thinking, relating and interacting.

Stay tuned for more in Blog Three in this Series!

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