Leadership Coaching and Training

Individuals learn how to be far better leaders by focusing on three fundamental elements, I-B-R:

  1. I = Intent – the intentionality of the participant as well as that of the organization: goals, aspirations, areas of focus, desired outcomes, clear picture of end state, desired effect
  2. B = Behavior – the specific actions, tactics, measurable processes, practices and discrete steps to take
  3. R = Result – the actual outcome, the measurable output, the product produced, the end state

Participants of our leadership training programs learn how to elicit the desired Intent of others while clarifying and dovetailing the Intent of the supervisor and organization with that of the individual or work group. They learn how to clarify and define the desired Result along with when and how it will be measured so that there is a consistent and focused understanding of what constitutes “success.”

Participants in our leadership training programs also learn how to coach for Behaviors that will serve to manifest the desired Results so that they match with the stated Intent. Specific skills are developed on dovetailing intentions, clarifying and measuring results and coaching for behavioral change that connects Intent with Results. The I-B-R framework also works extremely well in giving performance based feedback, appreciative and corrective coaching for groups as well as organizations. It serves to create crisper, clearer communication while offering highly efficient and effective coaching.