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Visual Team Solutions (VTS), powered by Sociomapping, is one of the most unique and engaging tools available for building high performance teams and organizations.

VTS uses a topographical landscape as a metaphor to interpret the quality of mutual bonds between team members around various dimensions of communication and cooperation. The large set of data acquired from a team as small as 5-8 people can be complex and unwieldy to interpret. VTS simplifies this challenge using award-winning computer software to display the results in easy-to-grasp team maps which can easily be compared over time and can be used to highlight the gap between current and desired team effectiveness.

Value Proposition

Visual Team Solutions:

  • Helps to rapidly identify teamwork problems
  • Focuses on critical success factors of cooperation.
  • Locates the sources of inefficiencies in the team.
  • Integrates subjective perspectives and thus enables the discussion of difficult topics in a workshop
  • Includes all team members in the project which creates involvement and buy-in
  • Gives specific hints for improvement of teamwork
  • Provides team leaders with evidence to make sound decisions
  • Tracks changes in time allowing the team leader to monitor team development and anticipate evolving team challenges.

The team mapping process facilitated by Staub was an eye-opener for our senior team and a valuable tool for stimulating meaningful dialogue. Their clear, visual, easy-to-grasp set of maps showed the patterns of communication, collaboration and relationships at the executive level. The follow-up mapping session made sure we had built in accountability. Visual Team Solutions is an innovative way to build stronger teams, an excellent product and process.

Carlos Migoya, CEO, Jackson Health System

The History

Sociomapping, the revolutionary computer program which powers Visual Team Solutions, was developed by Radvan Bahbouh, Ph.D., a lecturer at the Department of Psychology at Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic). Sociomapping won the Innovation Award at the 24th IIAS International Conference for its significant contribution to the field of sociodiagnostics. The program has proven its reliability and usefulness through 20 years of field use with space flight simulation crews, combat army units and in corporate settings. Since its arrival in the United States as Visual Team Solutions (early 2013), this unique team performance tool has been enthusiastically received by corporate clients in a variety of industries.

The Process

A project typically begins by deciding which of four standard questionnaires will be used. Questionnaire designs include: Team Formation, Communication, Cooperation, and Decision-Making/Strategy. Together these four perspectives reveal interpersonal structures that are often hard to perceive let alone analyze and discuss. On occasion a customized questionnaire can be created to address specific issues. Anonymous online data collection is followed by the creation of Team Maps as well as of Individual Team Member Reports.

The Team Maps are first presented to the team lead during a one to two hour consultation. This is followed by a half-day to one day coaching workshop during which the full team discusses the results and creates action plans for implementing changes at the individual and team level. Data collection is repeated after 8-12 weeks and the new maps are used to follow progress. Positive changes are reinforced and different or more powerful action steps are generated by the team when desired outcomes have not been met.

Further Opportunities

In addition to enhancing performance within a team, Staub Leadership consultants use VTS to help drive cultural change across an entire organization, build better relationships between teams, and facilitate smooth transitions during changes in team membership.

Staub Leadership is the sole U.S. certification authority for Visual Team Solutions (powered by Sociomapping) and is available to train independent and internal consultants in the delivery of this unique and powerful tool. Interested larger organizations can acquire licenses for high volume use of the mapping process as a cost-effective way of implementing and monitoring change dynamics.

For More Information:

Contact Cary Root, Director of Marketing and Client Relations, cary@staubleadership.com, (336) 908-4525

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