The Strength Deployment Inventory is a popular self-discovery tool that helps people identify their personal strengths in relating to others under two conditions: 1) when everything is going well, and 2) when they are faced with conflict.

Leaders, to be effective, need to be able to “read” and understand the motivational drivers and conflict styles of those around them. The SDI is a significant tool to aid leaders in learning how to more precisely and effectively understand not only themselves, but also to read and understand others.

The SDI is based on applied research and tested insights into relationship and motivational dynamics. It provides both the individual leader as well as teams with the practical insights, effective strategies and crisp behavioral skills for communicating more effectively and minimizing unwarranted conflicts across all motivational drivers in a diverse group of people.

The SDI is taken online through a brief set of twenty (20) questions with a choice of three sets of answers for each of the questions. Individual as well as team profiles are generated and fed back in a dynamic half-day team-development session. The experiential training has immediate practical applicability toward more precise communication patterns and conflict analysis skills along with conflict management strategies.

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