The Leadership Intensive Training (LIT) provides a competitive edge for your organization and its teams by creating higher levels of effectiveness in both strategic and operational dynamics. It can be delivered in a two- or three-day format, with one to two additional half-day follow-ups to check on progress, lock in gains, reinforce learning and add additional skills.

The LIT process is customized to meet the unique needs and culture of each client organization. It is designed to be an intensive learning experience that builds both individual leadership effectiveness as well as developing team orientation and crossfunctional collaboration. The LIT is a comprehensive process of engaging participants from the same organization in examining, outlining and developing personal and group competencies in leadership and team effectiveness both in practices and core behaviors.

The LIT consists of a unique blend of practical, hands-on skills and strategies that blend core emotional intelligence (EQ) success factors with intellectual quotient (IQ) strategic and tactical thinking methodology. It is a highly interactive process that uses performance profiles, case examples, a holistic framework for leading, a Courage Quotient assessment, personal feedback as well as individual and group coaching processes to heighten individual and team effectiveness.

Value Creation Outcomes You Can Expect:

  • Building more powerful and effective professional and personal relationships
  • Creating common leadership language, practices and skills
  • Learning how to diagnose and intervene effectively in conflict situations
  • Improving personal as well as team leadership effectiveness
  • Understanding and using critical performance-based feedback skills
  • Creating personal leadership effectiveness plans with measurable behaviors
  • Developing higher levels of employee engagement
  • Enhancing cross-boundary and cross-functional collaboration and cooperation
  • Speeding up organizational learning and transfer of knowledge
  • Developing a more whole-hearted approach to working with and relating to others
  • Building organizational leadership and team working capacity faster and more powerfully than traditionally thought possible

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