“One hundred good minds working together is better than one really great mind.”Buddhist saying
“No team ever became great by accident.” Robert “Dusty” Staub

Superlative team play requires a shared goal and a clear sense of interdependence, of rising and falling together. Strong team work not only produces better results; it increases organizational-wide learning and multiplies leadership effectiveness. The best teams harness both heart and mind, both the intellectual and the emotional aptitudes of their individual members. When teams experience that what they do matters, the end result is transformational, not merely transactional.

Staub has several organization-specific team trainings to choose from; each of these is customized to meet client needs. In addition, we are happy to develop unique programs to help your team work together with greater efficiency, harmony, creativity and sense of reward.

Leadership Intensive Training (LIT)

The Leadership Intensive Training (LIT) provides a competitive edge for your Organization and its teams by creating higher levels of effectiveness in both Strategic and operational dynamics.

Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) Training

The Strength Deployment Inventory is a popular self-discovery tool that helps people identify their personal strengths in relating to others under two conditions: 1) when everything is going well, and 2) when they are faced with conflict.

Additional team-based services include but are not limited to:

  • Team Impact/Assessment Study
  • Team Based Innovation Development