Dusty Staub is an experienced, professional keynote speaker who has motivated audiences with his insightful and heartfelt keynote presentations on leadership, excellence, change management, conflict resolution, organizational and team communication, and the relationship between intent, behavior, and results.

Staub’s Speaker Topics – 5 Key Speeches On Significant Topics

The Paradox of Leading – Generating Results Through Relationship Mastery

Leading others effectively is truly a paradoxical set of actions requiring judicious use of self and strategic perspective while making discerning choices on the fly. It is not linear nor is it always logical but at all times engaging and psychological. The speech is an engagement process with the participants exploring the paradoxes in their own leadership with 3 key tips shared and worked for not only inspiration in the moment but some critical take-aways for those present.

  • Fascinating paradox of leading – in charge of getting things done but NOT the doer
  • Leadership requires discerning when to stand up and out versus when to stand back
  • “Leadership Is” Poem in Staub’s book “The Heart of Leadership” (see attached document) that outlines the paradoxes of leading)
  • Stories from Case Work in Organizations, Communities that highlight the paradoxes of leading
  • 3 Key Tips – Strategies for Effectively Working with the Paradoxes of Leading

The Courage Imperative – 7 Acts to Personal Mastery for Greater Power and Efficacy

Without courage all leadership stops. Without courage all personal effectiveness stops. Without courage we fail. This engaging talk is built out of personal and business stories about the importance and efficacy of courage. Courage is broken into 7 distinct “Acts” and participants are exposed to the Courage Quotient (CQ) score sheet and evaluate themselves for strengths and the top one or two areas for development. Tips and guidelines are outlined during the talk so participants can get even more value after the speech. Dusty’s Book is available for all.

  • Built out of Staub’s book “The 7 Acts of Courage”
  • Personal and Business Stories Interwoven to Highlight the Importance of Courage in Living and Leading Effectively
  • “Where Your Courage Stops is Where Your Effectiveness in Life Stops.”
  • Courage Quotient (CQ) Quick Self Scoring to Highlight Strengths & Top Area to Develop
  • Tips and Guidelines for Developing Personal and Organizational CQ (Courage Quotient)

Bottom Line Innovation – Liberating Productive Creativity in Teams & Organizations

What is innovation and why does it matter? The topic is defined in operational terms that are actionable and applicable. Participants are guided through 4 significant steps to creating greater innovation in self, teams as well as organizations.

  • Why Innovation Matters – What It Does for Organizations and Society
  • What Innovation Is – Difference Between “Creativity” versus “Innovation”
  • What Is Innovation Composed Of – Building Blocks – Core Competencies
  • Liberating Passion, Potential and Purpose
  • 4 Steps to Generating Greater Innovation In Self, Teams and Organizations

Creating Significance / Creating a Conscious Legacy – Breaking the Spells of Limitation in Self & Others

All of us want to feel more significant in our lives both at home and work. Everyone needs to feel that they matter, are valued and that they make a contribution. Unfortunately, the feeling of significance is seriously diluted and choked off by modern society, working conditions and “false choices” set up by limited perspective and lack of foundational Purpose. This speech is about how to reclaim the deeper sense of personal meaning and significance in our lives and work. Participants will be challenged with inspirational stories and clear examples of what limits meaningfulness and significance along with a 5 stage development process to “break the spells of limitation.”

  • What is “Significance” and Why Does It Matter?
  • “Spells of Limitation” – What Gets in the Way of Living and Working More Significantly?
  • What is the “Reality Funnel” and How Does it Limit Our Ability to Perceive and Make Wise Choices?
  • What is “False Choice” and How to Break the “Spells” of Limitation
  • The Dynamic Development Cycle (DDC) – 5 Stages to Creating Greater Significance

Change Mastery – Leading Change, Gaining Commitment, Transforming Cultures

Why is change so difficult? What gets in the way of generating more effective, efficient and needed change? How can you best engage others to create needful change more effectively? How do you create meaningful, conscious change? This talk explores how to understand and lead change efforts with greater grace and efficacy.

  • Disruptive Change is Here to Stay – Permanent “White Water”
  • Speed of Change Is Increasing
  • What Are the 5 Significant Barriers to Change?
  • What Is the Source of Change Resistance?
  • What Are the Stages of Change?
  • How Can You Make Conscious Use of Change Stages and Overcome Resistance?
  • 4 Keys to Mastering Change – To Leading Self and Others In Creating More Effective and Efficient Change.

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