In todayʼs fast paced world, leaders must get more done with less resources. To do this, they have to develop value-added relationships so people work together smarter and faster. Executives are required to have deeper insight into how to motivate, engage and create alignment. Emotional Intelligence skills are essential to lead others toward increased productivity, accountability and rapid learning.

HILS is an intensive three-day workshop that combines psychological understanding and leadership development with business insights. The process weaves together a coherent, integrated set of skills that have high impact on working relationships and goal execution within organizations. Participants learn to make connections between Intent, Behavior and Results that in turn drive bottom-line business outcomes and allow for a healthier work environment.

HILS’s experiential learning process delivers practical, hands-on exercises and tools to increase an understanding of self and others. Each participant leaves the session with:

  • Increased awareness of personal patterns and self-limiting ways of thinking and behaving
  • Increased ability to leverage strengths to change negative patterns of thinking
    and behaving
  • Enhanced ability to “read” and understand others
  • Practical skills in:
    1. Giving performance-based feedback
    2. Listening non-defensively and learn from criticism
    3. Communicating more effectively by reading individual and group motivation and relationship dynamics
    4. Engaging more powerfully in discussions and dialogues
    5. Diagnosing, understanding and breaking negative behavioral loops in themselves and others
    6. Coaching staff and emerging leaders more skillfully
    7. Creating alignment and higher levels of engagement with team members

Participants also receive a personal leadership development plan to maximize personal and organizational performance.

For the motivated executive seeking to hone his or her competitive edge as a leader, HILS will accelerate successful personal transformation.

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