“You are the truth from foot to brow; now, what else would you like to know?”Rumi

What It Is:

The Extended Leadership Development Process (ELDP): Year Program is a powerful process for awakening to, activating and developing greater personal efficacy, meaning and joy in living and working. Staub offers this process to a select, dedicated group of leaders over the course of a twelve-month curriculum of facilitated learning experiences.

Who Is It For:

The Extended Leadership Development Process or Year Program is for those executives wishing to take a deeper dive into the core of personal power and wholehearted leading and living.


The sessions will look at the full range of how to live and work more fully and open-heartedly in a holistic and integrated way. A small, select group will meet once a month for a day and a half. All meetings will start at 3:00 pm on a Thursday afternoon and go through a working dinner into the evening. The next day will start at 8:00 am and run until 3:00 pm.

Participants will have brief reading assignments and some “review” and “prep” work to do between sessions to maximize learning and make the learning a continuous process of reinforcement of both key concepts and practical skills.


Contact Cary Root at cary@staubleadership.com or 336-510-4150 to learn about when the first session in the year-long series will start, and for pricing and accommodation details.

The monthly follow-up sessions will then be scheduled with participants who wish to continue the process after experiencing the first session. We will create the next set of monthly session based on everyone’s schedules.