Leadership is a skill that even “born leaders” must practice and hone. A key requirement for leadership mastery is self-awareness. In our foundational HILS training, participants will have learned how personality, communication and conflict resolution styles impact a leader’s capacity to invite maximum engagement, excellence and growth.

The Advanced Leadership Program (ALP) dives deeper into the science and nature of unconscious, self-limiting beliefs. The participant is provided with tools for discovering and transforming ineffective habitual patterns of perceiving, problem solving, behaving and relating.

Held in an intimate and informal rural retreat setting, this three-day experiential program promotes creativity, flexibility, connectivity and authenticity as important transformational tools.

The Advanced Leadership Program is for experienced leaders, facilitators and consultants who want to raise their leadership skills to an even higher level. It is for those who are focused on excellence and who are willing to invest in self-mastery. The foundation of the training is a powerful and tested model of leadership, change mastery and self-development called the Dynamic Development Cycle, which is fully described in the book Dynamic Focus: Creating Significance and Breaking the Spells of Limitation by Wayne Gerber and Dusty Staub. The five steps of this methodology are:

  1. Know who you are and what you stand for. By knowing your core life purpose you can see how it should influence the choices you make and the results you seek.
  2. See beyond the obvious. Recognize the value of gaining insights from perspectives that are uncommon to your usual point of view.
  3. Leverage your power. By understanding systems of power, you can know when and how to engage them to bring intended results.
  4. Do what counts the most. Discern the “essential behaviors” required (based on steps 1-3 above) to achieve desired results.
  5. Close the loop. By measuring and monitoring your results you can better identify what works and where additional discovery, focus and practice are required.

Value Proposition:

During the program you will learn how to:

  1. Change mental habits and cognitive patterns that keep you from fulfilling your potential and purpose
  2. Create a conscious legacy based on your Core Purpose
  3. Increase your insight into complex and difficult situations to see what you and others are missing
  4. Identify and use Key Human Systems leverage points that have the power to influence the thoughts and behaviors of others
  5. Engage the concept of transformational and transactional behaviors and how to blend them into a powerful perspective for achieving success
  6. Learn how to identify the behaviors that will have the most impact in getting the results you desire
  7. Learn to apply the program material and tools on both a personal and organizational level
Format:Wednesday 10 am until Friday 4 pm.
The training includes time spent outside and runs late W and Th.
Dates:Please call for dates.
Location:Oak Ridge, North Carolina
Cost:Call for pricing and accommodation details.
Contact:Cary Root – cary@staubleadership.com or 336-510-4150
My experience was life changing. I have been able to recognize and break the spells that were confining me for years, both professionally and personally. I am living my life wide awake and with a clear purpose thanks to Dusty and Wayne.
After going through the Advanced Leadership training our team members now have empowering tools to bust through spells and tackle challenges with their own clear and guiding focus. They feel like superheroes.

Susan Passmore, CAM, CAPS
Executive Vice-President

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