“Leadership is a learnable art.
Great leaders are made, not born.”Robert “Dusty” Staub

Leadership Training

Through both 1-on-1 coaching and open enrollment leadership training, we assist individuals in maximizing their leadership potential. Our unique approach is a whole-hearted model which highlights both emotional and intellectual aptitudes, and recognizes that individuals seek meaning in their personal as well as their professional lives.

This 2-day online training introduces the best tools from our popular, time-tested in-person HILS training.  In addition, it incorporates 1-on-1 and group follow-up sessions, allowing valuable new skills to be field-tested and refined.

Helping Individuals Lead Successfully (HILS)

HILS is an intensive three-day workshop that combines psychological understanding and leadership development with business insights. The curriculum of our foundational program weaves together a coherent, integrated set of skills that have high impact on working relationships and goal execution within organizations.

During this one-day intensive program you will be introduced to four of Staub’s foundational leadership strategies and methodologies, some of our favorite selected through 35 years of experience. These tools help ensure strong communication, collaboration and solutions-based thinking. The curriculum borrows from our premiere HILS program, and is intended as a cost-effective alternative toward mastery of heart-centered leadership. The benefits are applicable at work, at home and in the community.

This 2 ½ day training is intended for those who have already been introduced to foundational leadership skills through our HILS training, yet is also appropriate for those seriously committed to leadership mastery. Held in an intimate and informal rural retreat setting, this program is designed to help the participant discover and then transform limiting beliefs and behaviors which may block full leadership potential.

Strategic Life Plan (SLP)

This two-day one-on-one process provides a safe, reliable container in which an individual can move their life from success to significance. A comprehensive life review is followed by strategic life planning and the participant is expected to leave with a greater sense of purpose, focus and clarity.

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360 Assessment and Customized Leadership Coaching

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For more information about this advanced program, provided in partnership with Wayne Gerber of Sungate Advisors, go to 4dynamicleadership.com.