Executive Leadership Solutions and Leadership Coaching

Staub offers the best in numerous services, including executive coaching. Dusty wrote the book on Courage (“The 7 Acts of Courage”) and has pioneered practical, hands-on processes for evaluating the Courage Quotient (CQ) of both individuals, teams and organizations while offering specific practices and skills to help develop specific acts of courage where needed.

The object of this orientation is to first identify where the participant and the team/organization most easily manifests courage in order to build on strength. The assessment then looks at the one or two areas where courage has been least developed (for most organizations this manifests in two acts of courage, either the courage to confront or the courage to be confronted but sometimes it is around one or two other acts of courage).

Participants in our programs (for executive coaching or other) also receive the book “The 7 Acts of Courage” along with the CQ assessment and then are actively worked through practical plans, strategies and action steps to help develop the act or acts they have least developed while also learning processes and approaches to encourage the development of courage in team mates and others. We consider our programs to training intensive with follow-up coaching reinforcement and support for three to five months to lock in learning, ensure development of courage quotient and problem solve as needed.