A team celebrating their success.We have developed a powerful change framework and model with accompanying skills, practices and processes to enable individuals, teams and organizations to not only deal with change but to lead to higher levels of performance as a result of leading through change. Our Change Management Training can help your business. We provide a path away from negative coworker and management interaction towards synergy and ultimately, harmony.

Participants of our change management consultant services learn the change framework and model in new terms. These terms include: Goals, Enabling Processes, Relationship Dynamics, Core Orientation, Sociological and Psychological Drivers impacting the response to change. Type-O (opportunity) orientation, behaviors, processes and skills are evaluated and taught along with understanding and working through Type-D (danger) orientation, behaviors, processes and responses in self and others. People are taught how to build Change Resilience both individually and collectively at the group and organizational level along with specific facilitation skills in leading and working through change.

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