Why Try? What matters?

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Why try?  Why make any effort when we are all destined to die?  Why effort in a world that can be so senseless, when things like the Boston Marathon bombing and Oklahoma tornado disasters occur?  These questions were running through my mind as I was doing Yoga this morning and preparing to meditate.  Why make any effort in the face of such a seemingly capricious Universe?

My answer was in the form of  a deep reservoir of love that came flowing up to fill the painful space created by the questions.  Why try?  Because, as my heart whispered, “What you do does matter – people matter – any act of kindness and compassion can tip the scales.”  In the face of meaningless destruction and the promise that we will all die someday, the heart is ultimately an optimist.  It wants to contribute, to connect, to care.  It is in the caring that we define who we are and it is the legacy we leave behind us when we go.  In the words of the great teacher Rabbi Hillel, “If not me, then who?  If not here, then where?  If not now, then when?”  It is each ONE of US – HERE and NOW that makes the difference and turns despair into compassionate transformation.

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