Focus on Purpose

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There once was a big buggy whip factory that had just made some major improvements in their process and means of manufacturing buggy whips. They made the best quality whips, priced just right. They were getting better and better at buggy whips; in fact, they set the industry standard. Unfortunately, the leadership of the business did not give much heed to Ford and his mass manufacturing of horseless carriages. They were the best at what they did, and they were out of business in very short order.

The Great Task of Leadership

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One of the most common mistakes I’ve seen made by leaders in teams and organizations is that of not taking the time to formulate a vision. And even with those who do formulate a vision, do not do what it takes to bring that vision to life. A vision is concerned with doing the right thing. The communication and shared sense of ownership for that vision is part of doing it right.